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Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology - Overview

METROLOGY is the Science of Measurement. It includes theoretical & practical problems, the realization of the units of measurement and their physical representation as well as measuring instruments & their field of application.

LEGAL METROLOGY is the name given to all applied metrology subjected to regulations by law or government decree.

The extent of legal metrology varies from one country to another. In most countries legal metrology covers measurements in the protection of the individual from financial, health & environmental point of view.

As measurements are also used for the control of the quality of products and services there is usually a trend to enlarge the scope of legal metrology especially in countries where quality is subject to government control.

In almost every country a national metrology service ensures the technical application of legal metrology and constitutes an essential element in the economy of the country. 

In accordance with the recommendation of two international bodies namely,

a)       The General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), the body which takes policy decisions on metrological standards,
b)       The International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), the body which regulates metrological standards,

of which India is a member, the Central Govt. enacted 2 Acts & 7 Rules for implementation of modern system of weights and measures so as to ensure countrywide uniformity not in enforcement procedure but also in the scope and coverage of legal control on weights and measures. 

In order to implement various aspects of legal metrology, the Central Govt. enacted the following Acts and Rules, -
1)       The Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976
2)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977
3)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Indian Institute of Legal Metrology) Rules, 1980
4)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985
5)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (General) Rules, 1987
6)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Approval of Models) Rules, 1987
7)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Interstate Verification and Stamping) Rules, 1987
8)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (Numeration) Rules, 1987
9)       The Standards of Weights and Measures (National Standards) Rules, 1988

Government of Orissa enacted the Orissa Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 1993. 

Orissa Legal Metrology Organisation was set up under the administrative control of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department. of Govt. of Orissa. The Legal Metrology Organisation has been functioning as a full-fledged Directorate at Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. This organization works in close collaboration with Govt. of India.

The main functions of the state Legal Metrology Directorate (LMD) are-

a)      To provide better protection to consumers and also to constitute an essential element in the economy by ensuring metrological accuracy in commercial transactions, industrial measurements and measurements needed for ensuring public and human safety.
b)      Maintenance of standards in relation to weights and measures as prescribed by the Central Govt. in accordance with the recommendations made by the OIML –through verification & reverification work.
c)      To enforce the various provisions of weights and measures laws,
d)      To earn non-tax Govt. revenue in the form of fees for verification, compounding etc.,
e)      Regulation of manufacture, repair & sale of weights and measures,
f)       Regulation of packaged commodities sold or distributed,
g)      Regulation of commodities sold by heaps,
h)      Regulation of commodities sold weight, measure or number,
i)       Regulation of services rendered by weight, measure or number.

The Standards of Weights & Measures (National Standards) Rules, 1988.
  • To eradicate use of non-standard weights and measures etc. and introduce standard measures in their place.
  • To enforce the prescribed standards of weights & measures.
  • To detect violation of provisions of law by defaulters and initiate legal action against them.
  • In the process of above, to collect revenue in the above Stamping fees, Compounding fees etc. to augment resources of the State.
Weights and Measures Organisation is presently headed by an officer in the rank of Joint Secretary as Controller, Legal Metrology, who also functions as Director, Consumer Affairs. The achievement in respect of Legal Metrology Organisation on different aspects for the last three years is given below.

Achievement Of Legal Metrology Organisation
Sl.No. ITEM 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
1. Target (in lakh Rs.) 336.00 267.65 422.00
2. Total achievement (in lakh Rs.) 331.59 358.65 401.27
2.1 Verification & Stamping fees of W&M(in lakh Rs.) 310.67 334.56 377.53
2.ii Compounding fees(in lakh Rs.) 22.74 21.69 21.02
2.iii Registration fees (in lakh Rs.) 0.54 0.31 0.16
2.iv Licence fees (in lakh Rs.) 86,213 39,675 2,55,070
3. Traders / users of covered under stamping work.( No.) 3,10,256 3,11,323 3,15,763
4. Cases detected in regular manner (No.) 6082 5059 4173
5 Offences compounded (No.) 5859 4994 4133
6 Cases detected in mobile court(No.) 7 10 --
7 Fine realized in Mobile Court(Rs.lakh) 0.03 0.13 --
8 Traders registered (No.) 10408 6277 3380
9 Post offices covered under verification and stamping (No.) 2152 1900 1837
10 Railway stations covered under reverification and stamping (No) 152 92 80
11 Raids conducted (No.) 1240 1092 1043
12 Traders covered under regular inspection (No.) 285201 278861 269430
13 Traders covered under surprise inspection (No.) 70300 71335 59981
The Department has obtained the clearance of the Finance Department to fill up 19 vacant posts of Inspectors of Legal Metrology with commitment that the revenue collection by the Legal Metrology Wing will be raised so as to meet the additional cost of establishment. The staff Selection Commission has been requested for recruitment of Inspector, Legal Metrology vide letter No. 8449/FSCW dated 09.05.07.
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